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Leasehold Properties

If you are looking for advice about Leasehold properties, we are here to help.

Many flats and apartments are sold on a leasehold basis, although not exclusive and a house may also be sold on a leasehold basis.

Leasehold ownership comes with its unique legal rights and responsibilities. It is a specialist area of property law and we would recommend you seek legal advice before entering into any leasehold agreements

Leases vary from one property to another and so it’s important that you understand all of your legal rights and covenants when buying a leasehold property. You will want to know details, such as how long the lease has left to run, who is responsible for the ongoing maintenance costs, whether you can make any alterations to the property, is a service charge payable, what is the ground rent each year and has it been paid up to date.

In recent times there has been an issue with regards to escalating ground rents. We will advise you on all these aspects.

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